Adam Parore – Associate Editor Entertainment

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Adam Parore – Associate Editor – Entertainment

MS in Digital Arts ,
International Technological University, San Jose, USA

(Can be reached at: adamparore@globalpressclub.com)

Adam Parore – Associate Editor – Entertainment

Key competencies:

  • Reflecting academically upon the theories and histories of Media Arts Cultures.
  • The ability to reconfigure the cultural heritage field in ways that impact both the academic discourses and media practices on a global scale.
  • Understanding and using the theories of Media Arts Cultures in producing designs based on state-of-the art experience technology.
  • Usage of international data field catalogues
  • Understanding the meaning of Digital Collection Management for cultural institutions
  • The ability to analyse and incorporate the needs of users from different countries and across different Media Arts Cultures and operationalise those into future innovations.
  • Solving problems related to the field of Media Arts Cultures across cultural borders.
  • Combining knowledge of cultural heritage, image science with the skills and competencies of experience design, art-based research, and media creation.
    Analysing key aspects of Media Arts Cultures in order to operationalizing them into innovative and imaginative solutions for the future market and cultural institutions.

Key knowledge:

  • Awareness of cultural heritage issues in Media Arts Cultures is a necessity in the transforming field of cultural heritage. Experience economy, participatory and innovative media paradigms are changing the basis for, and the future of, how we define, preserve and disseminate cultural heritage.
  • Awareness of experience culture and economy as important aspects of Media Arts Cultures.
  • Awareness of culture as creative, collaborative and innovative practice in Media Arts Cultures
  • Awareness of what is defining Media Arts Cultures from the multifarious global perspective, with dynamic cross-border, mobile cultural markets.

Key skills:

  • Usage of technologies for archiving and preserving works of media art as well as our digital and digitalized cultural heritage (digital long-term archiving)
  • Ability to transcode media art cultural content into a digital archive
  • Ability to produce experience design solutions which are media art specific
  • Documentation, collection management and academic writing on Media Arts Cultures
  • In-depth knowledge about visual and digital literacy (see Digital Agenda for Europe, 2010) and methods of sharing insights, e.g. as educators/interpreters in the CCS
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of experience design and art and technology and its technological requirements
  • Ways to achieve meta-learning competencies beyond the exercises during their studies, in order to strengthen their transversal skills and extrapolate into future scenarios of to-yet unknown media challenges.


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