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D Trader Domain Real Market Value $2000-2500 Only – DTrader.com Exposed

D Trader – Domain Real Market Value is $2000-2500 only! DTrader.com Exposed By Global Press for Over-Pricing

D TRADER  asking others to buy domains with price tag millions but they own a domain which has market price between 2000-2500 US DOLLARS.  Don’t Buy Before You Read This Premium Domain And Website Appraisal Free.

D Trader Real Market Price is $2000-2500 only As per Premium Domain and Website Valuation and Appraisal of Global Press. DTrader.com Exposed for Over Pricing.


Domain Name Markets selling stones and rocks on the price of Diamonds

Premium Domain Names are Like Diamonds – Don’t Buy A Rock In Price of Diamonds On DTrader.com – One of the Latest Bad Example is D TRADER).

D Trader is Meaningless and non-sense domain name. DTrader.com is trying to sell it with A Fancy LOGO for Thousands of US DOLLARS! Real Price of D Trader is not more than 2000-2500 USD. Don’t Buy it and save yourself from being robbed.

Don’t be victim of marketing robbery.

D Trader– Real Market Valuation is $2000-2500 USD only But DTrader.com is trying to sell for Thousands of USD – Don’t buy & Save your hard earned money for your loved ones!

Premium Domain and Website Appraisal

The professional domain appraisal of Global Press valuates your domain name based on multiple factors and provides a complete overview of your domain’s worth.

The domain and website appraisal of Global Press provides a good estimate of your website’s worth. The website appraisal includes the following:

  • Complete evaluation of the domain.
  • Analysis of website visitors, page views and revenue.
  • Technical analysis of website and back links.
  • Review and analysis of website design and SEO.
  • Analysis of Alexa rank and other website ranks.
  • Appraisal certificate with the value of the website.


DTrader.com is selling stones and rocks on the price of Diamonds

Premium Domain Names are Like Diamonds – Don’t Buy A Rock In Price of Diamonds On DTrader.com – One of the Latest Bad Example is D Trader by DTrader).

D Trader is Meaningless and non-sense domain name. DTrader.com is trying to sell it with A Fancy LOGO for Thousands of US DOLLARS! Real Price of D Trader is not more than 2000-2500 USD. Don’t Buy it and save you from being robbed. Don’t be victim of marketing robbery.

Robbery – legal definition of robbery

Robbery: The taking of money or goods in the possession of another, from his or her person or immediate presence, by force or intimidation.

Robbery is a crime of theft and can be classified as Larceny by force or by threat of force. …

The penalty for robbery is always more severe than for larceny but Penalty for Domain Robbery is not paid by DTrader.com or other Domain markets who are selling over-priced domain names and business names, Infect they  Earn Hot Dollars for it, The penalty is paid by their buyer! Who may be you or your loved once.  Education is must for business and to live in this world full of scams and frauds.

Global Press Club is exposing scams and frauds

Global Press will be exposing frauds and scams and white collar crimes in our web, educate yourself and follow us closely – Stay tuned.

DTrader.com Domain Market or The Great Robbers With Art Of Business Name Marketing

The Great DOMAINS Robbery & Fraud: How to Stop the Thievery in Business name market

It’s Time to Stop Over-Priced Fake Domain Diamonds Fraud!

If you’re an average car dealer or a startup or a small or medium size Business – and I do mean just average – you’re likely wasting over $10,000 – 50,000  on basically worthless fake domain diamond  or Fake premium domain when you are buying through DTrader.com or any other Domain market place.

For some of you, you’re actually the victims of outright fraud; though for most of you, you are likely experiencing some form of theft (intentional or otherwise).

Learn how to easily spot where your Domain name or Business name vendors are taking advantage of you and, more importantly, how to stop it now and forever.

Read and educate yourself on Global Press Club as we are exposing white-collar frauds, scams in Business Section! 

Read the Post on Global Press:  “Stop-Press! Premium Domains and Domain Name Markets Exposed” In which we have explained that Premium Domain Names are Like Diamonds in Business Section to learn about Domain Names.


A Meaningless .com Domain Name vs. Meaningful

A meaningless .com has no value. None. I would rather have a one word .whatever. Worthless is worthless and a risk beats worthless. Did I just change my view? Hell no! Just gave a starting point comparison. I will go into it much deeper as you read on.

I just described the POINT where .whatever comes into play for ME and maybe for YOU too.

When I buy a domain for $15 I don’t count it as a $15purchase. I count it as a $150 purchase because I am buying and looking at it as a 10 year purchase. So when I see a domineer with 1000 worthless domains and he is broke and does not know what to do I just wonder why he does not dump every one of them? Keep your best 10 IF you really even have a best 10. But a portfolio with 1000 domains to me is a guy with a $100,000 worth of spending power and he does not know how to use that power.

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domineer is one who engages in domineering which is the web-based marketing business of acquiring generic Internet domain names for the purpose of monetizing them through their use primarily as an advertising medium.

How to make a 10 year deal with that $100k. Consolidate to 1 domain or a handful of them. Pay them off over time.

When I ask somebody to tell me their 2 or 3 best domains and they can’t, guess what? They can’t for a reason. That’s sad.

A $100,000 domain can be bought TODAY and with the same $$$ you would pay on registration fees for pigeon shit, one can actually buy something life changing. So many ways to climb this mountain and find gold but folks have weighed themselves down with aluminum foil and dirt.

And for folks that go after .whatever. you better be focused on 1 word domains that actually mean something. If you play it the way you are today with 3 and 4 unrelated words…..not going to happen in 1000 years! If the left of the dot has no relation to the right of the dot, then what do you have? A recurring bill is what you have.

What happened to all those guys with a million domains in their portfolios? They are gone! That game is over. Few survived. That’s about to happen to those with crappy domains. Even with a .com. Today I gave an example of a crappy domain. Something I seldom do but on this web, that is the job description. This dot .com was the one I picked to talk about. What do you want me to say? It’s worthless from where I sit. And it is worthless for a number of reasons. If you want to debate the point, don’t. Just go buy it from him instead. But I give solid reasons why it has no value.

Folks are wasting tens of thousands of dollars by not taking the time to do it right. I keep saying how sad it is. Especially when the market is filled with bargains. Great domains at bargain basement prices all over the place and probably for the very last time. By this time next year, THAT game will be over as well and there will be plenty of .coms dying on the vine.

Worthless was worthless from the get go. But events move even worthless right off the table to oblivion.

However it is still a false choice whether anyone is really forced to use a non .com.

See for $2000-25000-$22000-2500 there are GOOD domains that would serve the needs for ANY business. Some are really good domains. They are plentiful. Just because folks have yet to make the mental leap of the real world parallels I have talked about for all these years does not change the facts of what is coming and the mental leap that they will eventually make. That takes EXACTLY 20 years to change that mindset. I ask only one question”

“If you open a store in your town today wherever that town is, how much does it cost?”

Please you MUST add up each and every expense. Yes, garbage counts. Yes, insurance counts. Yes the furniture counts. Yes the employees count. Yes the electric counts. Yes the RENT counts. Yes it ALL counts. How many thousands is that on an annual basis? How about over 10 years? How big is the radius of your service? Is it worldwide or only as far as a few miles? Could it be worldwide? Can you expand? How much would that cost?

Your damn store SIGN alone would cost you more than the domain name.

This is all almost primitive that so few have connected the dots. But as you see the sales going up, they are starting to figure out just how powerful a great domain is and how inexpensive it is to maintain over the years. Expand over the years. I mean that alone should do the trick.

40% of business is “Word of mouth” and few on the Internet have gotten that memo. If you know that 40 cents of every dollar you make is word of mouth then you would think folks would focus on what might be the biggest pool of customers they have. So .whatever has to do one thing and one thing only. It MUST be memorable and easy to communicate to 3rd parties that you do not communicate directly to.

If that communication is confused and they end up somewhere else, then you lose. And if that somewhere else is a competitor, then you feed him while you starve. You grow HIS business while destroying your own. You work for him as his slave and he laughs and you don’t even know you are that slave.

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I talk about the foundational elements that make a domain have great value to multiple parties as opposed to domains so isolated and out there that it is like waiting for a Greyhound bus at the North Pole. Good luck with that.

Domain Appraisals

We know what web addresses are really worth and every domain is different.

The question both buyers and sellers ask us is: How much can a domain cost? Our scientifically sound, expert appraisals – for both individual domains and domain portfolios.

Your benefits

  • Value in USD: Individual appraisal for single domains or complex portfolios
  • Perfect for price negotiations: Meaningful market indicators make the value of a domain tangible
  • Scientifically sound: Domain analysis based on 10 factors
  • Unique Global expertise: years of professional knowledge and the world’s largest database of domain sales

D Trader Domain Appraisal by the experts

D Trader Domain and Website Appraisals

Get Domain Appraisals / Web Price Appraisal for D Trader).

Our Report will provide you

  • Advanced analysis of the domain D Trader by an expert appraisal specialist.
  • Evaluation of D Trader domain extension (TLD) and domain length.
  • Linguistic analysis and typing error sensitivity review of D Trader).
  • Analysis of trademark issues or disputes for D Trader).
  • List of recent comparable domain sales for D Trader).
  • Appraisal certificate with estimated value of the domain Domains (D TRADER).

The Global Press Method – How We Appraise Domains:


Does the D Trader domain extension match the language of the domain name? How well known is the TLD?

Length and remarkableness

Is the D Trader domain short enough? Is it easy to remember?

Language complexity

How complex is the actual D Trader domain name? Does it contain special characters?

Typo susceptibility

How high is the risk of mistyping the D Trader domain name? Does the name have any unexpected spellings?

International usability

Can the domain name D Trader be used on an international scale? Does the D Trader name function locally or globally?

Search engine suitability

Does the D Trader domain follow search engine guidelines? Is the D Trader domain subject to any sanctions?

Advertising potential

Could D Trader domain be used for advertising campaigns? How does the name D Trader sound?

Sales opportunities

Is there a high sales potential for D Trader D TRADER)? Or a demand for this domain D Trader)?

Business potential

Can the D Trader domain be used as a company address? Or should an alternative be found instead of D Trader)?

What do you get with an expert domain appraisal?

Comprehensive Domain report

Receive a comprehensive report, fully explaining your valuation of D Trader).

Multifactor analysis

We appraise domain D Trader based on multiple factors such as domain length, domain extension and more.

Website rank check

With every website D Trader appraisal the value of the website is calculated with the PageRank and the Alexa rank.

True value

Get to know the true value of D Trader domain; your domain will be appraised by a domain expert or a panel of 5 International Domain Experts (It Depends on Your Appraisal type).

Website statistics

With D Trader or any website appraisal, we use website statistics such as backlinks and indexed pages for our valuation.


Owners of D Trader or any other Domain name owners / Website owners can Receive a premium appraisal certificate with every domain and website appraisal.

Linguistic analysis

D Trader– we will check if your domain is easy to spell and remember? Receive a linguistic analysis of your domain name.

Trademark issues

We also check if there are any existing trademarks on your domain name D Trader and if there could be any trademark disputes.

Website technical

Get to know more about the technical details of the website D Trader D Traders), including the CMS and the website code.

Utilized revenue streams

Receive a report about the utilized revenue streams of the website D Trader, with the website appraisal.

Premium Appraisals – Domain and website of Appraised by a Panel of 5 International Domain experts

D Trader domain will be appraised by a panel of 5 Domain experts domain appraiser, the best appraisers in the domaining Industry.

Comparable sales

Most important, If you want to check that is there any comparable sale in past like Domain / website D Trader- you will receive a list of comparable domain sales which will give a good indication of your domain’s worth.

DTrader :: DTrader.com Exposed

As they claim :

The Smarter Way to Name Your Business

Explore thousands of quality, hand-picked and unique business
names available for sale with a premium domain name.


Bitter Reality: DTrader Don’t have quality Domains, Their Domains are not Premium Domains at all.


Find Your Business Name


Start with a single word search and we do the rest. We will find related business names and brands.

Bitter Reality: DTrader Don’t have any search feature, People can only see Domains which they have for sale on their website.

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Add the most unique business names to your favorites list. Share with friends and start collecting feedback.

Bitter Reality: DTrader Don’t have quality Domains or unique business names so there is no point to make any favorite list. Sharing is caring and no one wants to share garbage with friends and family.


Purchase your brandable .com domain name with upfront no haggle pricing and transfer guarantee.

Bitter Reality: DTrader trying to sell 3rd class and low quality Domains, which has no market value and when they are trying to sell garbage, obviously they will transfer if they found some buyer. Their Domains are not Premium Domains at all.


A Marketplace of Creative Business Names

Has the search for a great, available business name got you down? We can help. With over 50,000 names to choose from, you can browse, get inspired, and find the unexpected yet perfect name for your company.


Bitter Reality: DTrader Don’t have anything to get inspired and they do not have 50000 domain names listed, another lie exposed DTrader!!!

Right name. Right price. Right now.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you can’t truly start working on your idea until it has a name, and finding the perfect name takes much more of your valuable time than it should. The cycle – brainstorming, checking availability, and negotiating – tends to lead to a dead end.

It’s time to break that cycle, and we can help.


Bitter Reality : DTrader Don’t have quality Domains, Their Domains are not Premium Domains at all, They are trying to sell low class domains on very high price, which proves that they are not right place, they are not having right prices and we at Global Press feels it is right time to expose them.

Go shopping for your business name.

If you need the perfect outfit, you visit your favorite store, right? It’s easier and faster to select a great option from a list instead of designing the options. This is why traditional branding agencies get paid big bucks by big corporations. For the rest of us, there’s DTrader.

Curated business names + smart search = your perfect name.

Bitter Reality: DTrader Don’t have quality Domains, Their Domains are not Premium Domains at all, that garbage which they are trying to sell in the name of Premium Domains – is not called branding.

Don’t just choose from what’s left. Choose what’s right.

You may be tempted to limit business name choices to only .com domains that aren’t yet registered. Instead, think of your business name as an investment – in your brand, in your future growth – and a great .com domain name will also hold its value far into the future.

A great business name is worth every penny.


Bitter Reality: DTrader Don’t have quality Domains, Their Domains are not Premium Domains at all. Limited low class domain names on DTrader are only left as garbage and great business names are not available on DTrader at all.

It’s what all the cool startups are doing.

DTrader is the premier resource for lean, quick-to-market companies. We are here for startups that demand quality design, responsive customer service, and a creative solution to the business naming struggle. Find a name, and start working on your idea.

Your brand starts here.

Bitter Reality: DTrader Don’t have quality Domains, Their Domains are not Premium Domains at all. Who says DTrader is premier resource, You are only trying to make people fool.

Browse Business Names by Style or Industry

Find the perfect business name for your industry, sector or style.

Bitter Reality: DTrader Don’t have quality Domains, Their Domains are not Premium Domains at all. They have selected all non-sense and non-premium domain names and business names which are listed in categories listed below are classic example of 3rd class non-sense domains on brand bucket.

Global Press covers these subjects weekly as focus

Agriculture & Farming, Art & Design, Catchy Names, Charity & Nonprofit, Children & Pets, Classic & Elegant Names, Collaboration & Communication, Community & Social, Consulting & Professional Services, Creative & Brand able Names, Dating & Relationships, Education & Training, Employment & Recruitment, Energy & Environment, Events & Promotions, Evocative & Suggestive Names, Fashion & Beauty, Feminine & Female Names, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Innovation & Startups, International & Global Names, Internet & Data, Luxury & Lifestyle, Manufacturing & Logistics, Masculine & Male Names, Mobile & Telecommunication, Modern & Trendy Names, Multimedia & Video, Domains & Entertainment, News & Media, Organization & Productivity, Premium Names, Real Estate & Construction, Retail & ecommerce, Sales & Marketing, Science & Medicine, Search & Reference, Security & Compliance, Short Names, Software & Technology, Sports & Recreation, Travel & Local, Vehicles & Transportation,

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